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About Us

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This is Jai Prakkash Shaw ( Producer / director ) and the founder of KI n KA Academy it took me a bit long but DREAMS do come true. NOTHING BIG in human life was ever achieved without a DREAM so, if you have a Bollywood dream, we are here to turn your dream into reality. KI n KA Academy is not just an acting academy. It is indeed a MISSION to groom NEW TALENTS and lead them to stardom in Bollywood..

Life is a play, this globe is a stage and everyone of us is an actor. This philosophical perception about man, life and this planet had been expressed more than four hundred years ago by the great playwright William Shakespeare. Though this perspective of Shakespeare may sound a bit poetic and mythical, it contains, to my mind, the truth. Everyone is born pre-entrusted with a role to play through their lifetime.However, those who want to take up ACTING as a profession need to train under the guidance of a quali?ed acting teacher. A diploma course in this regard helps them explore.the actor that already exists in them. In the past, certain qualities like strong physique,dominating height and eye-catching appearance were prerequisite to become an actor.But today the time has changed and the audiences have tremendously grown. In order to become an actor in present time, it's the talent of an artist that matters.Height, physique and physical appearance are now of secondary importance. So, if you feel there's an actor inside you, speak up and share your feelings with us. We are here to groom you into a professional actor.